Enjoy your cuisine while cruising from San Blas

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Check this out. When we all thought it was quiet… out of the water comes the original and best lobster and crab from San Blas. Just ask Randall, Angela, and Mari’ and Joana! We have been lucky, and of course i put the poor – still live – creatures straight to their culinary heaven.

Well I don’t know if that’s what seafood thinks when it’s being put to the knife…but it sure tastes good. Apart from the ‘regular’ seafood above we had on board some rather hefty bellied Bonito and several snapper in there various shades and species, with some large red snapper, soft crisp white flesh. (i do the shellfish ‘al ajo dulce’ (con lima) and I like to do the whole line fish grilled, it all really works well).

Believe it or not another addition the Latina Lady Lu freezer this month was fresh Carti Prawns. Still wiggling in the bag as i pushed them into the icy depths of the freezer. Anyone feeling guilty yet? I doubt it. ha ha.

So what else has happened out San Blas? Well my beloved yellow canoe took a beating in very strange circumstances and will need a major repair (here comes West Systems epoxy…) so I was very unhappy about that (Darn just after the coffee press incident and all).

All in all we had another really fun trip but was relieved to drop anchor back at Nalunega just in front of their great little beach and the ‘old’ Hotel San Blas…so i could take stock again. Very pleased about my man Eric and his team who’ll wisk you off in his brand new lancha directly from their ‘muelle’, just in front of our anchorage, out to jeep pickup at Carti, and on to the city.

Talking about the city I have just arrived here for about 5 days to get specialized materials for Lady Lu, and took this great shot. I have to say the noisy hot city does grow on you and has some great aspects to it. Panama generally grows on you…come out and visit us. Next trip from the 20th april. cheers for now.

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Enjoy your cuisine while cruising from San Blas

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Enjoy your cuisine while cruising from San Blas

This article was published on 2012/04/26