When Idle is Ideal

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Major cruise lines provide a cruise traveler with a wide variety of activities to entertain and intrigue. Yet, there is plenty of time to just relax and gaze onto the sea’s crystal blue waters for hours. Time spent on a cruise can be so special that it fuels the imagination, making it a perfect getaway for those with active minds. And a cruise also provides peace and quiet, and soothes the weary traveler’s soul as the ocean’s tranquility rolls by.

For some people, idleness encourages the imagination to run free. It is, after all, at sea where ancient sailors thought they saw mermaids among the foamy waves, and heard their voices carried along the ocean currents. Without such flights of imagination, we wouldn’t know about one of the most iconic creatures in folklore and mythology. These moments of idleness are vital and stimulating for artists—writers, painters, musicians, and even dancers. For them, they are not actually being idle.

A seemingly melancholy girl on the deck of a Seabourn World Cruise may actually be formulating an idea for a painting. A middle aged man staring into the stars on the same deck, may be thinking of an idea for a new novel. The beauty of the blue sea and enchantment of tiny, little known islands, can spur anyone’s creative juices. The Seabourn’s yachts are smaller than the average cruise ships and this allows the captain to steer into quiet, secluded bays where you can enjoy the area’s hidden beauty that few have seen before, and rarely up so close. Borrow one of the Seabourn’s kayaks to silently glide into one of these coves and experience a tranquility that will nourish your creative spirit.

There are a great deal of activities and entertainment available in world cruises. However, some guests might prefer to disconnect themselves from the buzz of modern living, and commune with nature. For those, a vacation on a Seabourn World Cruise is a perfect way to relax in between each visit to a foreign land.

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When Idle is Ideal

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When Idle is Ideal

This article was published on 2011/07/21